Skills are the traits you have. Pregame, you can allow yourself to start with a certain skill. You can then do other tasks to level you up in that or other skills. Here is the list of skills for material progression and their descriptions:

  • Knapping is a skill for when making stone tools. It requires conchoidal fractured rocks, which can be bashed into shape with various other stones. You cannot knap larger blocks without much damage being taken from you in the end. Certain tools must be made from blocks, as there's only so much you can do with a small rock. Items easily knapped from stones are hand axes, stone flakes, hammerstones, and chisel heads.
  • Rope working is a skill that will help you fix items together. Ropes are first crafted from fiber.
  • Fixing is a broad term but is used in the game to refer to sticking a handle through a hole in a toolhead, or vice versa. It will help you attach items to each other without using many resources.
  • Tracking will alloy you to trace the steps of a species so you can follow it an meet up with it.
  • Lumber working is a skill that lets you chop down trees and convey them into planks.
  • Carving is useful for scraping wood with a knife or chisel to make items.
  • Butchering is the skill for removing creature meat for eating or other uses.
  • Leathercrafting is useful for skinning animals and preparing it all the way to the tanning process.
  • Modeling is a skill for forming and firing clay artifacts.
  • Taming is a skill for training animals.
  • Metalworking is a skill for smelting, welding, and repairing metals for various purposes
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