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Legends of an Ancient City (LOAAC) will be a game built off survival in a fantasy block world. It will be a game set on Midgard (Earth) and will probably have three versions, one 2D, one top-down, and one 3D. If you have any suggestions or want to help with the first update and beyond, then ask me, ( or another admin. If you follow the rules, you may have a good time here. Read the rules before contributing. If you break them, it will be at your own expense.

Your Empire

Are you ready to conquer or save the world? Choose neutral, good or evil to make your stand in the ancient cities. Defeat goblins, befriend players, NPCs and animals, and even go beyond Midgard. Use mundane and Arcane weapons to defeat the forces of good or evil, use tools to make an industrial nation, conjure up spells to stop your enemies or boost your allies, and use realistic crafting interfaces to extend the realistic experience. Choose you character, and start your empire.


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