Ponder Check 

Ponder checking is vital to learning. You start out with the knowledge of a child, as you were just Eitr-born. To ponder check a placed item, you can click "P" and there will be a focus vision kind of like binoculars until you find what you want to check. Once you have stared at one place long enough, you should see a line of options above you. It will be everything it looks like. Not everything it is. The best way to know is to experiment. Once you get higher in a certain skill, your ponder check for that object narrows down. To ponder check an item in your hand, simply hold it and click "P" and the options will come up. this applies to pretty much anything visible. Animals, models, blocks, anything. Only you cannot ponder check anything microscopic or invisible, unless you can actually see it yourself!


As soon as you rise from the Eitr pit, the first thing you should find (besides water), no matter where you chose to spawn, is wood and stone. You cannot kill many animals with a bare fist. Lift two rocks from the ground and start knapping them into a . To knap, you simply toss a rock to the ground and chip away at it with another stone that you hold. It will be a rough process, and it will be kept the way you made it. To make a hand axe, make a point to the rock you wish to convert, but if you make it too sharp, it will easily dull. To drink water when you find it, hold the shift key and you should start scooping water into your hand. Next, you can either start chopping at small trees to get sticks, or search a forested area for fallen sticks. Then use your hand axe to harvest fiber from plants such as cotton, jute, hemp, flax, and sisal. If you cannot tell which is which, either ponder check it, which will not do much, or experiment. With a hand axe you will instantly obtain a certain amount of fiber from the plant. Next, click the space bar repetitively to wind into fiber rope. Once you have enough, tie the hand axe to the stick and either chop down a tree or go after animals fro food. There are many poisonous plants, so be careful when picking out edible plants. By the end of the day, make sure you are ready for the night with weapons and warmth.

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